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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kavita Krishnan 7 hrs · Twitter · Pl use the hashtag ‪#‎ManuSmritiIrani‬ for all posts on ‪#‎RohitVemula‬. It's most appropriate.

Pl use the hashtag ‪#‎ManuSmritiIrani‬ for all posts on ‪#‎RohitVemula‬. It's most appropriate.

महेश पांडेय मनु Shame on all those intellectuals who are behaving like a vulture on the corpse of Rohit Vumula .Its a shameless attempt to drag Smriti Irani in this case .
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Kavita Krishnan Pandeyji /Manuji aapka manuvadi manas aahat hua? So sorry.
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Farrukh Shah Shame on those who defend smiriti irani.
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Palash Biswas
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Anil Kumar And a hashtag with bihari flavour #लम्पट_संघी..
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Zakeena Seethi See some 'nationalist' posts too. The comments in this post is appalling..
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Anshumali Tiwari Hyderabad Central Uuniversity – 18/01/2016
The propaganda machine is back. As mark Twain said - Before the truth comes out and wears the shoes, the false hood must have traveled across half of the world. This is the truth about the latest incidents in...See More
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Ranjit Jackson Pls tag our Mouthshut PM #Mona also
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