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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dalit Discourse in Nepal : Issue of Tarai Dalits

Dalit Discourse in Nepal : Issue of Tarai Dalits

The Dalit discourse in Nepal mostly centered around the dominant Hill communities. The gap between hill, Tarai and Kathmandu valley is very much visible in the issues and understanding. Many of the friends actually did not even admit that there is manual scavenging in Nepal which might be true in terms of the hills but what about the Madhesh. When I was provided these question, I just thought as what kind of the work communities like Doms, Mushahars, Valmikis, Chamars and others do in Nepal. Either they have advance much and left the old traditional occupation or the people are not informing adequately. During my journey to Nepal in May, I decided to do some home work and found some very informative people engaged. Amar Lal Ram belong to Saptarani district of Nepal and in this conversation he narrates how he face the discrimination and what kind of discrimination exists there. We hope these conversations from Nepal will initiate a new political discourse among the Dalits and others in Nepal as well as in India. This is a very small attempt but I sincerely hope that it will reignite the debate of proportionate representation.

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