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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cold war between this brahminism and buddhism!Alok Biswas

Alok Biswas
September 14 at 1:30am
If it was the only fault of being videshi, then brahmins could not be targetted as videshi. If you go by the historical truth, why and how our greater India of samrat Ashokas got into six pieces till today. You will find the answer is brahminism, promoted mainly by brahmin intellectuals, they have paralized this country with brahminism, because of which our people were compelled to get converted into islam or christan. There is a cold war between this brahminism and buddhism . When buddhism perished in our country, India excelled in all spheres. When brahminism started India went to dark ages. We need to come out from that ism which is against buddhism or humanity. Brahmins have hidden under the umbrella of hinduism when people started questioning why we should follow brahminism ? so brahmins and their ism has to be declared videshi before compelling their ism as videshi culture.