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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pant Nagar Story is different from Singur, Nandigram as Government has not Acquired a single Inch land There! Nuke Deal Matches Promotion MNCs!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pant Nagar Story is different from Singur, Nandigram as Government has not Acquired a single Inch land There! Nuke Deal Matches Promotion MNCs!

Troubled Galaxy Destroyed Dreams: Chapter 58

Palash Biswas

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How dare they!

The UPA government has rejected the BJP’s charges that it surrendered its right to conduct nuclear tests to the US.

Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma said India reserved its right to nuclear tests under the 123 agreement.

BJP charges are preposterous, the Congress leader said.

The government was forced to issue this clarification after details of the secret letter sent by the Bush administration to the US Congress were revealed.

Friends! Be aware of the large scale Misinformation campaign All round launched by the Ruling Brahminical Hegemony of the Manusmriti Apartheid Anti Indigenous Mass Annihilation World Order led by US Weapon Economy and Corporate unipolar Postmodern Imperialism!

Pant Nagar Story is different from Singur, Nandigram as Government has not Acquired a single Inch land There! Nuke Deal Matches Promotion MNCs!

They have been engaged in Mis Information Campaign from the First day.

Singur Stand Off is a very Hard deal for the parties involved as nothing seems to be transparent and it is tough bargaining! The centre as well as the State and the Resistance hegemony are engaged in pure Bargaining in their best interest! No one is ready to give any space to our people, the victims and the common Masses!

All that glitters are not Gold!

Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee on Friday said her party would cooperate with West Bengal Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi, who has convened crucial talks between the state government and the party panel to end the Singur deadlock.

"We want to cooperate with the Governor. We want talks. We will not show any discourtesy to him," Banerjee said from the dharna site here.

Stating that Durgapur Expressway was open, she instructed her supporters to keep the lane opposite to her dharna site open when crowds assembled. However, only one lane was open for traffic.

On the other hand, Brightening the prospects of an end to the Singur deadlock, the first round of talks between West Bengal government and Trinamool Congress ended here today with the party saying "we are heading towards a solution". West Bengal Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi has deferred the much awaited talks on Singur till 4.00 pm to give time to Trinamool Congress to suspend its agitation and reopen the Durgapur Expressway, Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee said on Friday.

"The governor has deferred the dialogue. He hopes that the agitation will be suspended and the expressway will be reopened to traffic by that time," Bhattacharjee told reporters here.

When it was pointed out that the governor had stated that the government had sought time, Bhattacharjee said, Gandhi himself had appealed to TC to suspend the agitation and reopen the expressway.

"We support the governor's decision. The opposition should respond to his request so that the talks can be held in a peaceful atmosphere," the chief minister said.

What was the result? resolution still alluding!

"We are heading towards a solution. The discussion is on and it will resume tomorrow," Partha Chatterjee, who led the TC delegation at the three-hour talks at Raj Bhawan, told reporters after the three-hour meeting.

Before leaving for the party's dharna site in Singur, he said the land issue was discussed.

The talks between the West Bengal government and the Trinamool Congress-led opposition was presided by Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi.

A press statement issued by Raj Bhavan said both sides expressed their respective views and discussions were held in a "constructive spirit with the intention of providing a way out".

The meeting, which was scheduled to begin at 10:00 am, was deferred by six hours by the Governor following a request by the state government.

It was, however, not immediately known what package was discussed at the meeting as both sides remained tight-lipped.

You might remember Tatas threatening to shift in Uttarakhand during first flare up of Singur Insurrection right in 2006. while they had their factory long before! I told our friends in Media as well as Politics including the civil Society. But all of them had been engaged in bargaining with Tatas and generating personal mileage. They always repeated like Parrot that Tatas would shift over to Pant Nagar if Singur Insurrection continues. I argued that my Village stands a few KM away from Pant Nagar and I know everything regarding my State and SIDCUL. They did not believe. And see how the Tatas are claiming to launch NANO from Pant Nagar!

They had been always accustomed to play with facts. They are skilled genetically to create Truth of their Convenience!

See the developments in New Delhi and Elsewhere how they mislead the Nation! We have not to just depend on some leak from the United states of America!

They have betrayed the Nation as far as strategic re alliance and Nuke deal are concerned!

They are using Holy Scripts and Ideologies to justify the Betrayal, the Hypocrisy and their Agenda of Mass Destruction targeted to the Indigenous communities, the Black untouchables worldwide and across the galaxy and beyond!

They told lies only regarding the Agreement which is not disclosed as yet!

They were telling lies with surgical precision while talking on Compensation and rehabilitation packages and claimed to be the Best as far as compensation is concerned.

While I argued and quoted the rates of Land transfer in Uttarakhand and questioned the justification of the West Bengal government playing the roles of Promoter and agent, I had always been dismissed as they claimed that they are paying highest!

Now Anand Bazar quotes the rates!

Just see this!

India did not know contents of 'secret' letter: Kakodkar
4 Sep, 2008, 1950 hrs IST, IANS

NEW DELHI: : In another twist to the controversy surrounding the "secret letter" of the US State Department linking fuel supplies to India with nuclear testing, Atomic Energy Commission chief Anil Kakodkar Thursday said the impression that the government knew about the contents of the letter was "totally misplaced".

"The existence of such a correspondence was known. We came to know it from the media. But India had no idea about the contents of the letter," Kakodkar told the Times Now amid growing suspicions among political parties in India about the nuclear deal.

"The impression that is gaining ground that the government knew about the contents of the letter is totally misplaced," he said when asked about US Ambassador David Mulford's contention that the details of the controversial letter were shared in "an open and transparent manner" with India.

Kakodkar, however, struck an optimistic note about India winning a waiver for global nuclear commerce from the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), which began its two-day meeting in Vienna.

"Discussions are going on. In the end, it will have a satisfactory conclusion," he said.

The State Department said in a 26-page letter to the late Representative Tom Lantos on Jan 16 that the US would cease nuclear cooperation with India immediately, including the supply of fuel, if it conducted an atomic test.

The letter was made public Tuesday by Representative Howard L. Berman, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The disclosure of the letter on the eve of the NSG meeting came as a blow to the Manmohan Singh government as leading opposition parties accused him of misleading parliament on the crucial issue of testing.

I may assure you with full responsibility that our Uttarakhand is fully ready to defend our indigenous people and the peasants in particular! We may launch the fiercest Resistance Movement there any moment if situation like Singur, Nandigram, Navi Mumbai, Noida, Kalingnagar emerges there!

The Bengali Daily Anand Bazaar Patrika committed to US corporate Imperialism and Corporate MNC ruling Hegemony interests has launched a misinformation campaign quoting the so called Bengali Uttarakhanids who originate from West Bengal and are limited in Pant Nagar and know nothing about the Geo Politics of Uttarakhand! Anand Bazaar may well pick out some Uttarakhandi Bengali's to strengthen its False logic, no doubt! We have to wait the next edition! But what Anand Bazaar tries to focus is quite clear and that is Pro West Bengal Ruling Hegemony stance of Marxist Capitalism!

My articles are published world over and out side Bengal everywhere. But I have been unable to get any space in any language in either Bengali Print or electronic media! I have no scope to address either the Ruling Hegemony or the Resistance Hegemony! Civil society won`t hear from me. Because I belong to the Indigenous East Bengal Sub Altern Untouchable communities outed from the Geo Politics of Bengal since the Partition of India!

Anand Bazaar has never cared to spend single Inch space to voice our people for full Six Decades!

Now anand bazar has focused on Uttarkhand Bengalies to justify Nandigram and Singur!

I am based in Kolkata for Seventeen years and the Ruling hegemony as well as the Resistance hegemony is well aware of my stance!The Media and civil society knows me well! But my voice is unheard! Because I don`t happen one amongst them! I am an Outsider! A Tresspasser! An Immigrant of no significance!

But I invite everyone interested to know the real facts of Pant Nagar as well as Uttarakhand and the Bengalies residing outside of Bengal , scattered nationwide! Just ask me the questions! I will tell you the Truth!

My Cell Phone Number: 09903717833..

How they defend US interests! NDA and UPA aligned to stop Mayawati. Indians in USA are trying their best to rally behind Republican Mc cain despite the fact the name of Bobby Jindal was never considered as vice presidential candidate! They are opposing Barrack Obama at home and in USA as they despise any role played by a person belonging to Black Untouchable Indigenous communities!

Indian Parliamentary Nuke Opera subverted the Real Issues using Amarnath shrine land dispute masterminded by Hindutva under a well conceived strategy to stop whatsoever Anti US movement in South Asia!

Manmohan Singh, the US Super Slave and Buddhadeb Bhattachary behave in the same way to defend US interests! Both of them cheated well the General public ably supported by the FDI fed Media! Under the progressive disguise the Marxist Anti Imperialism Movement matches well the Hindutva blind nationalism making genuine space for Internal imperialism. Neither Left nor right stands united against the resistance of the nationalities against repressive Measures like AFPSA. Each and every political party and Pressure Group influencing policy making supports the State power to crush genuine Mass Movement. In West Bengal itself, Congress and the Marxists joined hands to curb Naxal Bari Movement with Military Might as well as Gestapo Power!

Ratan Tata meets Dr Manmohan Singh and addresses a press conference in New Delhi on the eve of curtain raiser of the the meeting mediated by West Bengal Governor Gopal krishna Gandhi nullifying Gandhigiri!

The hidden agenda of the Nuclear deal is exposed well.

But the hidden Agreement of West Bengal ruling Hegemony with the corporate Houses, MNCs, Promoters, builders and US imperialism has to be exposed as yet!

But Anand Bazaar patrika dares desperately to mobilise the Uttarakhand Bengalies in support of the Ruling West Bengal Brahaminical hegemony which ejected out them out of their Home Land in East Bengal and threw them into the Jungles of Kumaun best known by Man eater Tigers and Gim Corbett!

We had no help from West Bengal for six decades except in 2001, while West Bengal ruling Hegemony and Media supported us to defend our Indian citizenship just because they were afraid of yet another Marichjhanpi Movement and unwanted demographic change!

We developed Pant Nagar and Rudrapur, the entire Terai Zone brick by brick ably assisted by our Kumauni friends, Rai Sikh Indigenous refugees from West Punjab and other Indigenous communities. Our people led the Dhimri Block Insurrection in 1958. Our people suffered unprecedented repression there and the Communist Party of India led by the then general secretary PC Joshi disowned the Peasants Uprising as well as the leaders of the Movement including my late father Pulin Kumar Biswas! He was the unopposed Vice President of Terai Vikas Sahkari Sangh Rudrapur in a Sikh Majority area in sixties. vice President was the executive post and BDO was the President !

We witnessed the inauguration of Pant Nagar University in 1960 just few KM from our villages. Kalinagar Bazaar developed by the Bengali Refugees stand only two KM away from Pant Nagar. My Village is situated about seven KM away from pant Nagar.

My father was the member and leader of Akhil Bharatiya Krishak Samaj launched by Chowdhari Charan Singh which had a definite role in the research and development activities of the Prime agricultural University in India. We participated in every Kisan Mela in Pant Nagar!

I am well aware of all the incidents happened in and around Pant Nagar since sixties.

While Chowdhari Charan Singh was the home Minister in Morarji Desai government, on 13th April, 1978, subaltern workers engaged in the university campus and demanding better working condition and Wage Hike were massacred mercilessly. Official thirteen persons were killed. I was a student of M.A. Previous in DSB college in those days. We exposed the killers with our reports. With Shekhar Pathak and Girda I wrote the report on the Killing Field as titeld `SATTA BANDOOK KI NALI ME BAHTI HAI’, WHICH WAS PUBLISHED IN NAINITAL SAMACHAR AS WELL AS IN DINMAAN.

I would never forget the storm and the night in early sixty while Dr Zakir Hussian, then Vice President of India addressed Convocation Ceremony in Pant Nagar University!

We could not go to Pant Nagar directly. Dhimri Block was still an intense jungle! Our Bengali Villages Jagadishpur and Shri Ram Pur was touching the Lalkuan Gularbhoj Jungle Area!

I was a student of class two only.

I was reading in Haridaspur Primary Pathshala and were strictly disciplined by our Guruji Pitambar Pant, a conservative Kumauni Kulin Brahmin who loved us too much!

Two brothers Arun and Barun were my classmates.

On a horrifying morning , the news spread in the Bengali area that a Young Man fro Shibpur was eaten by a Tiger !

Shibpur situated on the Dinesh Pur Jafar Pur Road. My village Basantipur as well as Shibpur was on border line of the Bengali refugee area. We had Sikh villages like Arjun Pur, Rai pur, Amarpur and Jafarpur in neighbourhood! We could understand and speak Gurmukhi. Now our villages are interlinked and we may move anywhere from anywhere! We can reach Pantnagar or Rudrapur directly following the road crossing our village today. But in sixties, we had only Jafar Pur road to reach Pant Nagar, Gadar Pur or Rudrapur. Now we can reach Nainital within three or four hours which was the district headquarter until Udham Singh Nagar was created to isolate the Plains from the Hills as the Land Mafia and the big farmers holding thousands and thousands acres of land might be protected from land ceiling!

The Jafar Pur Rudrapur Road had stitches of Jungle around which connected the sugar cane fields. Now Pant Nagar, Rudrapur, Gadar Pur, Dinesh Pur, Gularbhoj Kichha, Bilaspur are interlinked by the Industries. It is a cluster of urban or semi Urban areas. But in sixties, Rudrapur was the only urban Island. The Jungles in and around was inhibited by Man eater tigers. But our young people tended to risk their lives to try to cross the Road which was never safe in the Evening itself. They were addicted film goers and enjoyed in the Tented cinema hall Sibbal, the only cinema hall in Terai then. But they had to return by foot or in cycle. In my village, the Jatra Team never missed any Ranjan starrer in those days.

The victim was the elder brother of Arun and Barun. unfortunately, while I was reading in DSB college, in 1978, Barun was shot killed in a land dispute! Our land was separated by the same fence near Amarpur!

But I conquered the Fear Factor and insisted to accompany my Father to Pant Nagar convocation. Originally, Dr Radha Krishnan, the legendary philosopher was to address the convocation and I was not prepared to miss the ocassion.

When my father was leaving the village, I was playing Kubbuddy with my friends nearby. I ran after him. he was on cycle but I rushed and caught him near Amarpur. We returned home and I washed myself and dressed.

When we reached Pant Nagar,the sky was cloudy. We came to know that Dr Radha Krishnan was indisposed. Dr Zakir Hussain would address the convocation and it was already evening. My father was worried that we had to cross 18 KM way amid the Jungle in the Night!

But we listened to the Vice President of India!

The address was on progress as the Storm broke in. it was raining. We heard the complete address and when we left Pant Nagar it was Dark Night.

The wind was fierce and it was raining heavily. We did not know anyone in Pant Nagar in those days. We had no shelter in the Official university campus. It was cold. but I claim that I was not nervous. I was on the carrier of the cycle. father was talking all the way to boost my confidence level. And we crossed the eighteen KM way in almost two hours and reached our village late in the night.

My Thamma was very worried. she just exploded for the risk we underwent. We did not bother. I was already engaged to assist my father in documentation since I learnt sentence Making. it was my previlege to accompany him anywhere in the area. Our People loved us very much and I always feel the warmth even today.

No land is acquired in Pantnagar, mind you.

Tata Motors have their factory long before the Singur and Nandigram incidents. The factory came up on the Government Land , Pant Nagar University possessed for its research and development. The university also used land in the Bengali Colonies whenever they experienced with a new Seed to be launched or a new fertiliser.

The University administration had the quota of subsidised Seed, Fertilisers and Machines which were freely used by the Land Mafia and Big farmers of Terai.

Terai Seed Corporation has always been captured by the Big farmers of Terai.

We have a Bengali MLA , Premanand Mahajan of BSP from Pant Nagar Gadar Pur Constituency for two consecutive tenure. Bengali Candidates missed the post of Mayor for last two election marginally. Premanand happens to be the younger brother of Narayan, my school mate. We have family relations since my childhood.

I also know personally the man who introduced Industrialisation in Terai as the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. He had been the Chief Minister of UP three times. he held the Industry and Finance port folios in the Centre in Indira Gandhi Ministry!

Yes, it is ND Tiwari, the man who made his political status consolidated by the Refugee Vote Bank, who consistantly fought in our interests and we never missed Bengal!

ND Tiwari avoided land dispute by discarding the idea of Land Acquisition. He left the issue limited in between the two parties, The Saler and the Purchaser and let the market prices settle the score. Rather he ensured tax holiday for Industries in Uttarakhand. 24 hours electric supply and water supply were guaranteed. SIDCUL was constituted with a quota for local employment. Thus, everyone whoever passed High school has a job in SIDCULE fro my own village Basantipur.

But no one lost his land for either Employment or Industrialisation.

But Anand Bazaar Patrica deliberately hides this Truth. As if we parted with our land to industrialise and urbanise ourselves. our villagers work on their land and they are also employed in SIDCUL without giving anything away!

Who would oppose this Industrialisation?

who would oppose this Urbanisation?

We have our Tractors as well as our two wheeler, four wheeler vehicles and can drive in any direction! We have TVs, Mobile and computers!

None of us happens to be unemployed.

We have not closed Fifty six thousand factories. We have not paved ways for the Promoters, Builders and MNCs!

We have not killed life, livelihood, liberty!

Here you are! We are not the Bengalies belonging to the Marxist capitalist Geopolitics!

Anshu Nath Banerjee, a lawyer who was invited by the government for his expertise on land-related cases, said "the talks were positive and going in the right direction."

SUCI leader Manik Mukherjee, who was also present in the talks, said "we placed our demand for the return of the forcibly acquired land for the Singur project and we still stick to the demand.

"The government said it would give some land and develop some more," he said.

He quoted the Governor as telling the government to come out with concrete proposals and also asked the opposition to come prepared.

Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee had earlier said that Gandhi deferred the talks to give time to Trinamool Congress to suspend its indefinite dharna at Singur and reopen the Durgapur Expressway.

When it was pointed out that the Governor had stated that the government had sought time, Bhattacharjee said Gandhi himself appealed to TC to suspend the agitation and reopen the expressway.

At Singur, TC chief Mamata Banerjee said the party would cooperate with the Governor. "We want talks. The expressway is open."

She also said no political speech would be made from the dharna manch before the parleys.

Meanwhile, the government gave a copy of its agreement with Tata Motors which was read out at the meeting of the Assembly Standing Committee on Commerce and Industry on August 27, committee chairman Sudip Bandhopadhay said.

Bandopadhay, a Congress leader, said he would write to Speaker H A Halim seeking to know from the government whether the copy was the full or part of the agreement.

Menwhile, in Viena, further progress was made on Friday at the meeting of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) towards reaching a consensus for a waiver to India as the United States expressed optimism over achieving the ‘objective’. Express India reports.

Express India quotes a statement issued by External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee in New Delhi affirming India's commitment to non-proliferation goals sent out the right signals and boosted its case before the 45-member nuclear cartel, which welcomed and praised it. A few countries are still said to be having some questions, particularly on the issue of nuclear testing by India, when they put forth their expressions during the morning session on the second day of the NSG meeting. Efforts are still under way to assuage their concerns, diplomats said.

"We are pleased that there was a positive momentum in the discussions," John Rood, US acting Under Secretary for Arms Control, told reporters before lunch break.

He called Mukherjee's statement regarding India's commitment to non-proliferation as ‘very significant’ and said it was discussed by the NSG members who ‘praised and welcomed’ it.

"On the basis of this we believe a positive momentum was generated in the discussions," Rood said.

The US official emphasised that his country remained committed to securing the exception for India and was optimistic on achieving the goal.

"We are both committed to achieving the objective and achieving consensus and are optimistic that we can achieve the goal," he said.

Mind you!

The real Truth about Shining Sensex India happens to be alarming despite high stake claims of the ruling Hegemony and its strategic re alliance led by US and UK!

Names like Ambanis and Mittals making to global rich lists every now and then notwithstanding, India accounts for just about one per cent of the worldwide wealth market size of over $100 trillion.

According to the latest wealth report by global consultancy major Boston Consulting Group, the global wealth market grew to $109.5 trillion in 2007, up 4.9 per cent over the previous year.

While noting that the wealth market is growing rapidly in India, the report said that the country accounts for only a small fraction of the global market with a size of $ 1.4 trillion.

India on Friday affirmed its commitment to strengthening the non-proliferation regime and vowed to abide by its voluntary moratorium on nuclear testing, a move aimed at assuaging concerns of some NSG countries on giving it a waiver for nuclear commerce.

New Delhi also made it clear that it will not be a source of proliferation of sensitive technologies, including
enrichment and reprocessing transfers and will work with the international community to advance the common objective of non-proliferation.

"We remain committed to a voluntary, unilateral moratorium on nuclear testing," External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in a statement here.

India's assertion came as four countries of the 45-member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) stuck to their reservations on the waiver issue at the two-day meeting of the cartel in Vienna.

They felt that India could use the NSG exemption to further its military nuclear programme.

New Zealand, Austria, Ireland, and Switzerland have sought changes in the draft proposed by the US which projected the waiver as a "historic opportunity" to bring the largest democracy and one of the biggest economies into the global nuclear mainstream.

Mukherjee's statement is significant as it comes soon after Indian officials led by Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon met representatives of 'sceptic' countries of NSG and is seen as an attempt to allay their reservations.

An NSG waiver is a key step in the operationalisation of the nuclear deal which will go to the US Congress for approval once the atomic cartel gives the green light.

On the other hand, Oil prices fell below 105 dollars on Friday on concerns over slowing energy demand and a strong US currency, while the market awaited next week's OPEC meeting on crude output levels, traders said.

The Centre would introduce the Land Port Authority Bill in next session of the Parliament, Commerce Secretary G K Pillai said.

Pillai told exporters at an interactive session organised by FIEO and Capexil in Kolkata that the Bill would be introduced in the next session.

"If it is not passed in the Parliament, then would be introduced through an Ordinance," he said.

The proposed Land Port Authority of India would have the mandate to upgrade the 13 land customs stations and integrated check posts, besides managing and maintaining these posts on the borders for regulation of trade.

Addressing the concern raised by exporters regarding the draught situation at Kolkata and Haldia, he said that he would talk to the shipping secretary soon and find ways and means to mitigate the situation in the short term.

Regarding Petrapole, the land customs station on the Indo-Bangladesh border in West Bengal, he said the Centre was keen to expedite trade facilitation at that place.

Singur row: The real agenda
Ashutosh Sinha
Friday, September 05, 2008 (New Delhi)

The 400 acres that Mamata Banerjee has been crying hoarse about is not the issue. It is not the 997 acres that has been allotted to Tata Motors by the West Bengal government that is the real issue. It is not about the Rs.1500 crore investment that Tata Motors has made for the plant. Nor is this issue about the 56 vendors of Tata Motors that have set up shop around what was to come up as the mother plant for Nano in Singur.

It is also not about the Rs 350 crore hit that Tata Motors is going to take if the plant and machinery were to be shifted out of Singur.

This is now about calling the bluff of politicians, and it does appear that Ratan Tata has succeeded in doing that.

The Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee has been insistent that the agitation against Tata will continue till the 400-acre land is not returned to the farmers. This is not a contiguous piece of land that the fiery Bengali leader is fighting for. Some of this currently being occupied by the vendors and some of it also has the Tata Motors facilities, which are part of the plant.
If the land around the plant is not contiguous, how can an industrial unit function smoothly is beyond comprehension. There is nothing in the history books that indicates that Mamata Banerjee has any experience of having worked in the automobile industry, or having run a company in the past. That begs the question – how can a political leader decide how an industrial unit is to be organised and run?

A number of leaders from the automobile industry leaders have spoken out for the need to let the Nano project go ahead, with the image of the industry and the country in mind. Other industry leaders and industry associations have tried to reason against Mamata’s public stand. Global media, eagerly looking forward to an Indian automobile company making history, have taken note of how the project is threatened because of “opposition from farmers” in Singur. How can the collective thinking of so many not be better than one leader’s?

This fierce opposition from Mamata has to be seen in the context of the 31-year long rule of CPM in the state. The Congress party has failed to break the Left stranglehold over these years. Mamata has been one firebrand leader who’s seen as someone who could turn the tables and break the Left citadel. That again begs the question – at what cost to people and industry?

As the Chief Minister makes desperate attempts to make sure that Singur is part of history, it appears one leader is intent on not letting that happen. Mamata Banerjee believes that the interest of the farmers whose land has been acquired is far more important. This is not to argue that the farmers should not get their due. Clearly, farmers must have their share. Some are realizing what Tata moving out of Singur could mean since there are some reports of protest, fearing a fall in land prices around the area.

It is no secret that West Bengal has been anything but the hottest destination for investors. The strongly entrenched trade unions have made sure that manufacturing industries are driven away from the state. Infosys, Wipro and some other tech companies are now looking at Kolkata as a destination, but getting the manufacturing industry to agree to set up shop is the state is easier said than done. Does her action make West Bengal a more attractive destination for investors?

Mamata Banerjee would have certainly served her supporters, and the farmers, better if she had focused on the real issues. She may believe that CPM has not done a good job of it in the last 31 years. If Tata Motors were to officially announce that it is moving out of Singur, there will be only one loser – the local population. Who benefits if Tata moves out of Singur?

When did we last see Mamata Banerjee take to the streets in the 88,853 square km of the state government territory, demanding better education and better healthcare for people? Take a look at the indicators and it will be clear that West Bengal is nowhere near the top.
According to the 2001 census, 13 states and five union territories have a literacy percentage better than West Bengal. The healthcare indicators are nothing to write home about too, though it is clearly showing an improving trend. But West Bengal is no where near the top. So, why not focus on the real issues, which will improve the lot of the people for sure?

Lots of questions! It is a pity that politicians choose to give answers only when it suits them.

Global realty brokerages selling islands at Indian shores
24 Aug, 2008, 1335 hrs IST,John Sarkar & Mohammad Faizan Khan, ET Bureau
NEW DELHI: Snobbery has a new address. And it’s in the middle of the sea. Top international real estate brokerage firms are docking near Indian shores to now sell private islands.

Sample this: Private Islands Inc, a Toronto-based private island brokerage firm, had put up Palm Lagoon — a four-acre private island in Kollam, Kerala — for sale. Last week, the island was reportedly snapped up for around Rs 3 crore. Then a little further away, in Sri Lanka, Tangalle Isle — another four-acre island — was sold for around Rs 4 crore.

And when SundayET decided to snoop around we found that Private Islands Inc is not alone. Coldwell Banker, America’s oldest real estate firm, which also deals in private islands, has set up a branch in Mumbai. Though these niche real estate firms were tight lipped about the identities of Indians hunting for private islands in India and abroad, Suketu Mody, president and COO of Coldwell Banker Goodwill Consultants, said: "With the number of ultra high net worth individuals in this country rising, we expect to clinch a few deals soon."
Well, seems that Mody has got it right. It's no breaking news that India has toppled quite a few developed countries with regards to its number of billionaires. And if estimates by top consultancy firms are anything to go by, the number is going to double from around 50 at present to 100 in the next couple of years. But till now, it was only private jets and Rolls Royces that fetched mileage for this country’s uber rich. Perhaps, it’s time to measure status in nautical miles now.

And if one is ready to set sail, there are some interesting destinations as well. Mody had hinted that Indians hunting for private islands might also find Australia attractive since there are a couple of islands up for grabs there as well. Richard Vanhoff of Capricorn Coast Realty, a high-profile real estate brokerage firm in Australia, agreed.

He said, "I have a freehold island of around 20 acres (Turtle Island) for which the owner is asking around $7.5m (Australian). The town of Gladstone, which is near by, has an Indian connection since India is purchasing vast amounts of coal from this region along with China. And just to give it the celebrity touch, this island was originally being purchased by Julia Roberts."

But that's just the tip of the island...err...iceberg. Alexis Pappas, director of operations of Private Islands Inc said: "Though there are hoards of private islands for sale out there, Lisbon Island in Portugal is the most expensive at $354 million. But you can rent islands as well."

Ministers panel to consider demand for easing SEZ policy
6 Aug, 2008, 1742 hrs IST, PTI

New Delhi:With the Left parties out of its way, the UPA government is likely to relax the SEZ policy and may consider the demand from developers for raising the land ceiling of 5,000 hectares.

The empowered Group of Ministers (eGoM), headed by External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee is scheduled to meet tomorrow for clearing long-pending grey areas in the SEZ policy backed by a legislation.

The issues expected to be taken up by the ministers' panel include demand from developers to revise the 5,000 hectare land ceiling for a SEZ. It would also provide clarification on the definition of what constitutes a 'vacant land' for the purpose of using it for SEZ units.

Several developers ran into problem after the Revenue Department found that the land for Special Economic Zones was not "vacant" but had already been "developed" for some other projects.

While the Commerce Ministry contends that a land should be considered as "vacant" if no activity is being undertaken on it, the Finance Ministry's view is that it cannot be considered so if the area houses a building or commercial space, a senior official said.

The eGoM may also consider the Finance Ministry's demand for putting a minimum alternate tax (MAT) on units in SEZs and industry's demand to exempt the units from payment of service tax.

Under the provisions of the SEZ Act, the units are allowed 100 per cent tax exemptions for the first five years and 50 per cent for the next five years.

Centre likely to fund Salim's abandoned expressway project
5 Sep, 2008, 0237 hrs IST, PTI

KOLKATA: The Centre is prepared to fund West Bengal's landmark Barasat-Roychak Expressway project after Indonesia's Salim Group abandoned it over state government's reluctance to acquire farmland for development, PWD Minister Kshiti Goswami said.

"After Salim backed out from the project, I asked the chief minister whether it has been shelved. He said the Centre was prepared to fund it. If that happens, the project will be possible," Goswami said at an interaction with members of the Merchants Chamber of Commerce.

Aimed at linking North 24-Parganas district headquarters, Barasat, with the port city of Haldia in East Midnapore by an expressway, the project also includes construction of a bridge over the Hooghly between Raichak and Kukrahati.

Goswami said the expressway needed to be constructed to ease traffic congestion in Kolkata and the suburbs and his department had made the initial survey and submitted a preliminary report to the government.

Later, the Salim group approached the government with the proposal to build the expressway and the bridge, but in return wanted land along the road for development. The total land needed for the expressway project was estimated at 2500 acres.

"Most of the land they wanted was agricultural and there was resistance from landowners at Bhangar. The government was also unwilling to acquire farmland for development," the PWD minister said.

Development of highway infrastructure in north -east & WB
5 Sep, 2008, 0030 hrs IST,

India is on its way to become a global superpower. With 16 per cent of the world’s population, the country has the second largest road network in the world with a huge mesh of 3.3 million kilometres of roads. India also has one of the biggest railway networks (63,221 km) in the world but road transport is more preferred because of its flexibility, accessibility to remote areas and amenability to changes.

Road network scenario in N-E region and West Bengal

West Bengal is the gateway to all northeastern states with its Siliguri corridor as the only connector. Siliguri is the central node, which, besides providing connection to the rest of the country with the northeastern states, connects Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Considering its physical, geographical and strategic importance for the development of all the northeastern states, the government has accorded highest priority to development of road network in the region along with Bengal. The vast areas of the region being land-locked with very limited railway transportation, development of a well-knit road network assumes greater significance. (For the key statistics of road and rail network in West Bengal and the NE region, see box )

Objective to improve road connectivity Of North-east region and West Bengal

Various mega size programmes have been conceptualized and initiated for development of road network with the following objectives:

To connect the region with rest of the country by high speed, high capacity highway.

To improve the intra-region

connectivity to all state capitals by upgraded National Highways and District Headquarters by 2-lane highways through state roads.

To provide connectivity to backward and remote areas to boost socio-economic development.
To improve roads of strategic importance.
To improve connectivity to the neighbouring countries of South-East Asia for encouraging trade, commerce, tourism, cultural exchange and attracting investment.

Programmes for development of road network

The government has taken up the following programmes to improve connectivity in the northeastern region and Bengal:

National Highway Development Project by 4-lane East-West Corridor connecting Silchar to Siliguri within NE States (678 km) and Bengal (137 km)

National Highway Development

Project by 4 laning of Golden

Quadilateral Corridor: Connecting Kolkata to Chennai and Delhi (407 km)

West Bengal Corridor Development

Project along NH-34 from Dalkhola to Barasat under ADB loan assistance (421 km)

NHAI Port connectivity project - NH-41 from Kolaghat to Haldia port (53 km)

State Highway SH-10 and SH-1 under ADB Loan assistance (150 km)

Special Accelerated Road Development Programme (SARDP)-Phase 'A' (1,310 km) and Phase 'B' (6,306 km) to improve connectivity to all district headquarters and improving other important NH and State roads, Indo-Myanmar border area roads including strategic important roads.
Normal development plan of NH (1,923 km).

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) to provide new links and improve the existing links by all-weather rural roads.

Investment potential

The government of India has approved projects of total about Rs11,000 crores under NHDP Phase-II (East-West Corridor) including SARDP Phase 'A' (Rs 4,618 crores). These projects are under implementation at different stages with target of completion by next three years.

For NHDP Phase III-B (BOT / Annuity) and SARDP Phase 'B' to come up in next phase, an approximate investment of Rs 28,000 crores at current price level is expected. These investments are over and above the regular budget allocation by Central and States.

North-east region in international perspective

The North-East region has borders all along Myanmar on East, Tibet and Bhutan on North and Bangladesh on South-West. Because of such geographical position, it can be rightly called as gateway to South-East Asia. Asian Highway (AH) route viz. AH1 passes through North-East Region at Dawki in Meghalaya (Indo-Bangladesh border) and then at Moreh (in Manipur (Indo-Mynmar border). With improvement of border area roads, more land customs can be developed to facilitate export and import with the neighbouring countries.

Conclusion and recommendation

A major setback for the NE States as well as in the West Bengal is the capability constraint of the construction industry. Capacity building of the local contractors should receive highest attention for timely completion of the road projects. Introduction of mechanized construction, human resource development, training of personnel etc. are some of the areas which should be given priority. At the same time, the implementing agencies viz. NHAI, Border Roads Organization (BRO), North East Council (NEC) and State PWDs have to take necessary steps for their institutional development to make the road infrastructure development programme a success.

Amitabha Datta and CC Bhattacharya

(Amitabha Datta is Executive Director, STUP Consultants P Limited and CC Bhattacharya is Consultant, STUP Consultants P Limited)

Construction and infrastructure development in WB
5 Sep, 2008, 0024 hrs IST,

Like most other states, West Bengal is forging ahead with the development of its urban infrastructure. The state has recently reduced the stamp duty from nine per cent to seven per cent on sale of property and is planning to further reduce it to five per cent in order to source funds under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission.

Major construction activities that have taken place during the last five years have led to the size of the construction and development business to grow 15 times over in the last five years. During the next two-three years, at least five Special Economic Zones, 30 shopping malls, about 200 million sq ft of residential area and 50 million sq ft of IT Park and commercial spaces would be ready.

The construction and the infrastructure development sector in West Bengal is the fastest growing sector of the state's economy and is the second largest employer after agriculture. Already five of the local B-Schools are offering Real Estate and Construction Management courses and four of the ITI's (Industrial Training Institutes) are being upgraded to 'Centre of Excellence' for training
construction workers.

Pradip Chopra
(Pradip Chopra is Chairman-cum-Managing Director, PS Group)

Sify Tata keeps mum on Singur issue
Economic Times, India - 20 hours ago
NEW DELHI: With no end to the current stalemate in sight on the situation in Singur, Tata Group chairman Ratan N Tata refused to comment on the situation. ...
Small car is here to stay, says Ratan Tata Hindu
Tata says will try to roll out Nano on schedule Indian Express
Ratan Tata calls on Prime Minister Press Trust of India
Wheels Unplugged - Indis'a Automobile Magazine - India Today
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The Tata-Singur saga chronology
Economic Times, India - 3 hours ago
May 18, 2006: Tata group chairman Ratan Tata announces small car project at Singur on the day when Buddhadeb Bhattacharya was sworn in the state's chief ...
37 acres is all we have, says Nirupam Times of India
Hand out more cash, end land deadlock Times of India
Bengal's loss: Rs 80000 cr and counting Economic Times
Times of India
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Will Nano come out of Singur?
Merinews, India - 6 hours ago
Ganesha feels that Nano will have to be relocated from Singur. If at all there is a solution for Nano to continue at Singur, then it may be implemented only ...
TATA Motors doing all possible to roll out SteelGuru
TATA Motors floats unique twin rights SteelGuru
all 4 news articles » BOM:600570 - NSE:E:TATAMOTORS.EQ - BOM:500570
Singur in Sangrur: MNC mulls shifting base
Times of India, India - 14 hours ago
CHANNO (SANGRUR): Facing a Singur-like stiutation in Sangrur , Pepsi Co India after stopping production, is mulling to shift its base. ...
Rumours, drama keep people on edge in Singur
Times of India, India - 19 hours ago
SINGUR: A day after Sushen Santra committed suicide, there was a curious play of hope and hopelessness in the entire neighbourhood of Joymollah, Singur. ...

Indian Express Singur, J&K, N-deal - don’t let small groups stand in their way
Indian Express, India - 20 hours ago
And now the Nano may go away from Singur. I grew up in Kalighat on Russa Road where my grandfather, who was the president of the Small Bus Owners ...

AFP GM supports Tata's Nano car project in Singur
Hindu, India - 4 Sep 2008
New Delhi (PTI): General Motors on Thursday came out in support of Tata Motors for its Rs 1 lakh car project at Singur in West Bengal, terming the stalemate ...
Singur deadlock unfortunate, but GM happy with India
all 146 news articles » GM - BOM:500570 - NSE:E:TATAMOTORS.EQ

Sahara Samay 'State and Tatas should have been proactive'
Times of India, India - 14 hours ago
KOLKATA: A day before Friday's crucial meeting to end the Singur deadlock, Union commerce secretary GK Pillai said both the state and the Tatas should have ...
Does Sourav Ganguly know where Singur is: Mamata Zee News
Sourav Ganguly supports Nano project; Mamata retorts Economic Times
'Investors will reassess decisions' Business Standard
Trading Markets (press release) - Times of India
all 31 news articles » BOM:500570 - NSE:E:TATAMOTORS.EQ - BOM:600570

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AFP If N-deal harms, India may back out: Kakodkar, India - 4 Sep 2008
The ongoing controversy over the Indo-US nuclear deal got more murkier when India's top atomic official, Dr Anil Kakodkar, revealed India's stand. ...
Well begun, but not half done yet Hindustan Times
New controversy in India over US nuclear deal AFP
Govt in damage control after letter 'leak' Business Standard
Newstrack India -
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Boston Globe Decisive round on Indo-US Nuclear deal begins today
RTT News, NY - 4 Sep 2008
Earlier, the US, Russia, France and Britain extended unambiguous support for the nuclear deal and have consistently batted for the deal in the International ...
US sees 'steady progress' in talks on India nuclear deal Hindustan Times
What's The Big Deal? Times of India
Japanese civic groups oppose Indo-US N-deal Business Standard
Newstrack India - Hindustan Times
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Secret letter row: SP takes PM’s word on N-deal
Zee News, India - 9 hours ago
New Delhi, Sept 05: A day after his party chief expressed his dilemma on Indo-US nuclear deal after a “secret letter” of US State Department came to light, ...
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh gets support from SP leader Amar Singh Times
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Sify Sensex sheds 151 pts as nuclear deal comes under shadow
Press Trust of India, India - 4 Sep 2008
... Sensex shedding over 150 points, a day after gaining over 500 points in a buoyant session, reflecting the uncertainty over the Indo-US nuclear deal. ...
Markets lose further ground, Maruti skids
all 211 news articles » BOM:532500
Questions should be put behind: Whit House on nuke deal
Economic Times, India - 32 minutes ago
... on issues pertaining to the Indo-US nuclear deal should be put behind so that concerned parties can move forward and "get this agreement done". ...
Indo-US N-Deal: If India tests?
Economic Times, India - 4 Sep 2008
Amidst the furore over India's right to conduct nuclear tests and an uninterrupted supply of fuel to country's nuclear reactors from the US, let's look at ...
Sonia justifies N-deal, says N-power crucial for development
Press Trust of India, India - 4 Sep 2008
Erode, Sept 4 (PTI) Congress President Sonia Gandhi today justified the Indo-US nuclear deal, saying nuclear power was crucial for the country's development ...
HC questions Govt on PIL over N-deal, intl treaties
Hindu Business Line, India - 4 Sep 2008
Indo-US Nuclear Deal is one of them. It is hence most essential that this court lays down the law governing the ambit and parameters of its treaty making ...

all 11 news articles » BOM:532780 Don't ask me. Term limits up to Mayor Bloomberg, sez Christine Quinn
New York Daily News, NY - 16 hours ago
BY FRANK LOMBARDI It's Mayor Bloomberg who's calling the tune in the City Hall dance over changing term limits, Council Speaker Christine Quinn insisted ...
Angelina Jolie's dad Jon Voight sez Sarah Palin's a 'beautiful choice'
Los Angeles Times, CA - 3 Sep 2008
What does Jon Voight, father of that "evil spawn," (Roseanne Barr's blog words, not mine) Angelina Jolie, think about John McCain's VP choice? ...
Dishman Pharmaceuticals Completes Acquisition Of Land For SEZ
Pharmaceutical Online (press release), PA - 4 Sep 2008
The company has acquired total area of 390 acres for its pharmaceutical and chemical SEZ. The company plans to invest Rs 500 crore in two special economic ...BOM:532526
PSL plans alternate energy special economic zone
Reuters India, India - 8 hours ago
MUMBAI (Reuters) - Steel pipemaker PSL Ltd has sought approval to set up an alternate energy special economic zone (SEZ) in Gujarat, Managing Director, ...NSE:E:PSL.BE - NSE:E:PSL.BT - NSE:E:PSL.EQ
"Shift Nano project to Gopalpur"
Hindu, India - 9 hours ago
The company then declared its plans to establish a galvanised plant and multi-product special economic zone (SEZ) in the land. ...BOM:500570 - NSE:E:TATAMOTORS.EQ - BOM:600570
SEZ units may be heading for MAT finish
Economic Times, India - 2 Sep 2008
NEW DELHI: The finance ministry is not willing to give up its proposal of imposing minimum alternate tax (MAT) on SEZ units. While the commerce department ...
How to have SEZs without protests
Economic Times, India - 3 Sep 2008
Despite compulsory land acquisition being banned by the Centre for SEZs last year following bloody protests in Nandigram against the proposed SEZ of ...
Jhajjar farmers want more from RIL Business Standard
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BBC News Singur's loss could be Pantnagar's gain
Business Standard, India - 2 Sep 2008
Pantnagar in Uttarakhand is leading the race to become the alternative site for Tata Motors' Nano plant. The company manufactures about 250000 units of Ace ...
Top Nano vendors may follow Tatas out of Singur Economic Times
Tata: Will It Stay in West Bengal? BusinessWeek
$2500 Car Not Toast! Indian Politicians To Meet Friday To Settle ... The Business Sheet
Zee News - Business Standard
all 1,110 news articles » BOM:500570 - NSE:E:TATAMOTORS.EQ - BOM:600570

BBC News Singur youths also ready to move out, India - 18 hours ago
“We are ready to go anywhere —- Pantnagar or Pune —- to roll out the small car. Our bosses have told us that some of us will have to go outside Bengal to ...
Nano: Pantnagar an alternative choice? Hindu
Tata finally suspends Nano project in Singur Merinews
Nothing small about nano Hindustan Times
Business Standard - Central Chronicle
all 833 news articles » BOM:500570 - NSE:E:TATAMOTORS.EQ - BOM:600570
Pantnagar and Pune in toss-up
Calcutta Telegraph, India - 2 Sep 2008
2: The Tatas will have a stark choice to make if they decide to leave Singur: Pune or Pantnagar. Pune is the best bet in the short term: the prototype of ...

BBC News Pantnagar: Tata’s Plan B?
Hindustan Times, India - 24 Aug 2008
The buzz is that if West Bengal is no longer an option, the Nano may find a new home in Pantnagar, Uttaranchal. Tata Motors already has a two-lakh unit ...
Pantnagar looks like Plan B Financial Express
Uttarakhand govt offers land for Nano Business Standard
Tatas set 2-week Singur deadline Economic Times
Business Standard - Business Standard
all 1,442 news articles » NSE:E:TATAMOTORS.EQ - BOM:600570 - BOM:500570
Gujarat auto parts makers see reliable partner in Tata, continue ...
Economic Times, India - 3 Sep 2008
Profit, loss and price pressure apart we are always with TATA and can cater to any of its facility either in Singur, Pantnagar, or even if they choose Pune ...BOM:505712

Times Nano Trouble: Singur's loss may be Uttaranchal's gain, India - 27 Aug 2008
TATA already has a plant in Pantnagar, which manufactures the mini-truck Ace. If they relocate to Pantnagar, TATA could roll out the much awaited dream car ...
Tata to exit WB if disturbances continue in Singur Merinews
all 287 news articles » NSE:E:TATAMOTORS.EQ - BOM:600570 - BOM:500570

Hindu Business Line Nano suppliers also to pull out if Tatas shift from Singur
Hindu Business Line, India - 22 Aug 2008
Most of the suppliers said they have capacity at their existing plants to support the launch of Nano from alternative destinations such as Pantnagar in ...BOM:500570 - NSE:E:TATAMOTORS.EQ - BOM:600570 Tata Motors-WBIDC meet called off, India - 27 Aug 2008
Sources tell us that Pantnagar, the facility that Tata Motors already has in Uttarakhand, could be a very probable location where Tata Motors could start ...BOM:500570 - NSE:E:TATAMOTORS.EQ - BOM:600570

Sify Road-blocks to Nano would hurt economy badly: Mukesh Ambani
domain-B, India - 28 Aug 2008
Mukesh Ambani's comments come close on the heels of reports that the Tatas may move lock-stock-and-barrel to Pantnagar in Uttarkhand where it already has a ...
Tatas quietly pull out staff from Singur Economic Times
Mukesh Ambani supports Nano project in Singur
all 102 news articles » BOM:500570 - NSE:E:TATAMOTORS.EQ - BOM:600570
Singur talks on, row unresolved
Financial Express, India - 5 minutes ago
... which would be rolled-out either from the company’s Pantnagar or the Pune plant or even both of them depending upon the feasibility,” says Abdul Majeed, ...

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